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Top Regular Expressions

Match string not containing string
Check if a string only contains numbers
Url checker with or without http:// or https://
Only letters and numbers
Match elements of a url
Validate an ip address
Match an email address
date format (yyyy-mm-dd)
Url Validation Regex | Regular Expression - Taha
Match or Validate phone number
match whole word
nginx test
special characters check
Extract String Between Two STRINGS
Match html tag
Match anything enclosed by square brackets.
Blocking site with unblocked games
Simple date dd/mm/yyyy
Find Substring within a string that begins and ends with paranthesis
Empty String

Cheat Sheet

Character classes
. any character except newline
\w \d \s word, digit, whitespace
\W \D \S not word, digit, whitespace
[abc] any of a, b, or c
[^abc] not a, b, or c
[a-g] character between a & g
^abc$ start / end of the string
\b word boundary
Escaped characters
\. \* \\ escaped special characters
\t \n \r tab, linefeed, carriage return
\u00A9 unicode escaped ©
Groups & Lookaround
(abc) capture group
\1 backreference to group #1
(?:abc) non-capturing group
(?=abc) positive lookahead
(?!abc) negative lookahead
Quantifiers & Alternation
a* a+ a? 0 or more, 1 or more, 0 or 1
a{5} a{2,} exactly five, two or more
a{1,3} between one & three
a+? a{2,}? match as few as possible
ab|cd match ab or cd